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Welcome to Brain Grid Game!

Dive into the world of puzzles like never before. Brain Grid Game offers you a unique opportunity to test and enhance your problem-solving skills through a series of captivating and innovative puzzles. Based on the Abstraction & Reasoning Corpus (ARC), this challenge your cognitive abilities in ways you've never experienced.

Why Play?

Each puzzle you encounter is a journey into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of your abstract thinking and reasoning. But it's not just about solving puzzles—it's about pioneering the way we understand human intelligence. Your gameplay, your strategies, and your solutions pave the path for groundbreaking research in cognitive science.

Be Part of Something Bigger.

As you play, your interaction with the puzzles is recorded with the utmost respect for privacy. This data, anonymized and secure, becomes a part of an open-source treasure trove, contributing to a global effort to decode the complexities of human thought. By participating, you're not just challenging yourself; you're helping to shape the future of AI, cognitive research, and beyond.

What's Inside?

Ready to Challenge Your Brain? Join us now on this exciting journey. No previous experience required—just an open mind and the willingness to tackle new challenges. Explore, solve, and contribute to the world's understanding of human intelligence.